Responding to Venema’s Response to Meyer’s Response to Venema’s Response to Meyer’s Signature in the Cell: The Last in a Series

We recently posted links to the exchange between Stephen Meyer and Dennis Venema regarding Signature in the Cell in Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith (PSCF), a journal of the American Scientific Affiliation. In that same issue the journal gave Venema a chance to reply to Meyer’s reply — in a courtroom setting it’s called a surrebuttal, in case you’re curious — giving Dr. Venema the last word. We ask readers’ indulgence as, in turn, ENV appropriates the last last word with a rebuttal to Venema’s surrebuttal.

One main point of Venema’s original review was to provide evidence of natural selection and random mutation producing new biological evidence challenges Stephen Meyer’s thesis in Signature in the Cell. But, as Meyer explains in his reply, his argument pertinent to the origin of life is that information could not be produced by prebiological mechanisms. Meyer explains…

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