Articles & Op-Eds

Articles & Op-Eds

Book Chapter: Evidence of Intelligent Design in the Origin of Life
Stephen C. Meyer
The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy
January 27, 2020

Book Chapter: Signature in the Cell: Intelligent Design and the DNA Enigma
Stephen C. Meyer
The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity, edited by James Stump and Alan Padgett (Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford) pp. 270-282.
May 21, 2012

More Than Matter and Energy: Have scientists accomplished the Frankenstein dream?
Stephen C. Meyer
The Chuck Colson Center
June 2010 

How can the intelligent design movement gain academic credibility? Redefine the Question
Stephen C. Meyer
Christianity Today
May 2010 

Climategate Recalls Attacks on Darwin Doubters
By: Stephen C. Meyer
Human Events
December 22, 2009

Pro-Darwin consensus doesn’t rule out intelligent design
By: Stephen C. Meyer
November 23, 2009

Darwin’s Defenders Deny Life’s Evident Design
By: Stephen C. Meyer
The Church Report
October 23, 2009

Did Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Support Intelligent Design?
By: Stephen C. Meyer
The Boston Globe
July 15, 2009

How Should Schools Handle Evolution? Debate it
With co-author John Angus Campbell
USA Today
Dr. Meyer and Darwinist John Angus Campbell explain why evolution should be taught as Darwin presented it, with competing arguments. 

Intelligent Design is not Creationism
The Daily Telegraph (London)
Dr. Meyer explains the scientific basis for intelligent design and how it differs from creationism. 

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” In Biology Instruction
The Washington Times
Dr. Meyer examines the weaknesses of Darwin’s theory that students aren’t being taught. 

Teach the Controversy
Cincinnati Enquirer
Dr. Meyer explains the “teach the controversy” approach to evolution and summarizes his testimony to the Ohio State Board of Education. 

Danger: Indoctrination
A Scopes Trial for the ’90s
The Wall Street Journal
Dr. Meyer reports on the case of Dean Kenyon, a biology professor who was demoted for teaching criticisms of Darwinian evolution.