Debate With Michael Ruse on Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank (PBS)

Ben Wattenberg moderates this matchup with Darwinist Michael Ruse, who was also featured in the movie Expelled.  This debate gets into the philosophical implications of design and Darwinism and the distinctions between the scientific evidence and the implications for both theories.

Debate with Keith Fox on Premier Radio UK

Dr. Stephen Meyer debates with Keith Fox, professor of biochemistry at Southampton University and chair of the UK’s Christians in Science network. Topics in this lively but respectful exchange include origins of life and the design inference in science.

Debate with Peter Atkins on Premiere Radio UK

Signature in the Cell author Stephen Meyer debates Oxford University chemist and “new atheist” Peter Atkins about origins of life, evolution and intelligent design.

Debate with Chris Mooney on The Michael Medved Show

Stephen Meyer debates science writer Chris Mooney on the Michael Medved show about the scientific consensus and scientific literacy in America.

Debate with Michael Shermer on Faith Under Fire

Dr. Stephen Meyer on Faith Under Fire Dr. Meyer addresses Michael Shermer’s objections to intelligent design, including “Who designed the designer?”  Also features their discussion on the existence of design in nature.